The challenges for the research have been and continue to be finding consistent dried animal waste material without an offensive odor.  The dairy manure successfully used has been in compost for an undetermined time.  We need to be able to quantify the dairy manure drying characteristics.

As yet we have been unsuccessful in finding pork or poultry manure that passes the odor and moisture tests.  We have no reason to believe that adding the acceptable material to PP or PE will not be as successful as the dairy manure. However as of now the challenges are to find acceptable material.

Also, additional research needs to maximize opportunities and products values. To determine true values of the animal waste, one must look at the separate fractions and find higher values is each of them.  The following useful fractions are available and harvestable in animal waste: proteins, bacteria, nucleic acid, sugars phenolics as well as the fibers.  Additional research is necessary to exploit these available resources.

Just as the crude oil refining industry has researched and developed new high value uses of crude oil, and as the paper industry has found high value non paper uses for the timber, so must animal agriculture find new non-traditional ways to expand the profitability of it by-products.

PNC Products LLC needs an additional partner or shareholder who has a vested interest in the use of animal waste as an industrial feedstock.  The partner could have a need to reduce the disposal cost or a partner that wants to use the combined PP/PE and animal waste in their end product that is sold to the agriculture industries.

To make this venture commercially viable, PNC Products needs to develop a business plan for an animal waste-processing center.  This facility would be strategically located where there is a large diverse supply of animal manures.

The animal waste-processing center would collect raw manure from several species production facilities and reduce the odor and dry the material so that it could be further processed.  There may be several processes at the center, such as drying, grinding, pelleting, extruding and combining with PP or PE for use by the plastic industry.

An animal waste-processing center could be financed by forming a new cooperative of animal producers supplying the manures, by a separate corporate venture or by public funding.


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